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After nine years of “survival” from a Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma, I decided to take my thoughts from my journal and share them with the world. The purpose is both cathartic (for me) and hopefully informative as I have encountered more and more people with cancer, and brain tumors specifically. I am not a doctor, so what is conveyed below are my thoughts and experiences, which I hope can provide insights of comfort to those who choose to read this blog. I encourage dialogue so if you find this little space on the internet, feel free to get in touch.

I went from a practitioner of law to a patient of neurology and have lived long enough to make the conversion back, but while my profession is defined by a diploma and student loans, my life is defined by the surgical margins of my tumor and my attitude. If you or someone you know was or is on this unknown path, please take away one thought from all of this: you and your mindset are the best medicine, treatment and hope that you can I have; what you cannot control is of little consequence.

As I share my experience, I hope you find points of humor interspersed with the pain (physically, emotionally and mentally) to urge you down this path. The path starts with several trails that may take you to different places, but remember that this path will be yours to blaze as you are the the trailblazer and compass in this life. Fear not the undergrowth, it is only there because you have not tread on it yet.

Be kind to yourself and others; be fierce in your pursuit for health; and try to appreciate the moments on your path. 

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